MarwahSphere is the sports arm of the Marwah Group, a 40 year old enterprise headquartered in Mumbai, India, with business interests in commercial Real Estate & Infrastructure, Iron & Steel, Sports and Technology. Established in 2014, MarwahSphere strives to be one of the leading players in the country when it comes to sports infrastructure and education.

MarwahSphere is a powerful blend of research, innovation, pragmatism and intuition. We seek to create and add value to the sports ecosystem with our strategic investments, partnerships and affiliations across different verticals. Currently, we are engaged on the following fronts.

MarwahSphere has strategically partnered up with Sit-in SPORT from the Radici Pietro Group to further this shared vision. We want to provide the youth of today the best sporting facilities and education to hone their talents and, encourage a culture of sports and fitness in the country.

We also own and operate sporting facilities across Mumbai under our brand name – SCORE.

We have also forayed into Sports Media with our in-house brand Kreedapanti and through our investment in Nation of Sport.

Apart from this, MarwahSphere also has strategic investments in Sports hardware manufacturing companies Square Off and Elevar, and sportstech companies Uactiv and LeagueSX.